These delicious wild food are widely available but they come with a strong note of caution, only eat fungi that you are completely
sure of identifying.

Lots of fungi are edible, but you should only forage them for consumption, if you are absolutely certain of their identity.

There are lots of other resources available: books, websites and apps to help identify species. Guided foraging walks will also help you to gain confidence in identification.

One good source of advice about foraging for fungi across can be found at one our partners, Foresty and Land Scotland here. You should also check out our page of links to find out more about wild food here.

You need to make sure the information you are relying on to tell you which species to pick, and which to avoid, is reliable and up to date. You also need to be mindful to leave enough for everyone - including the wildlife who call the forest home. Some of the best advice on the web is found in the Scottish Wild Mushroom Code.


Download your copy of the Scottish Wild Mushroom Code.

The code in English.

The code in Polish.

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