Hedgerow Jelly

This project is a collaboration with Woodland Trust Scotland, based on an idea and a recipe from Pam Rodway.

Primary schools who wish to participate will receive:

  1. a hedge pack, sufficient to create 8 metres of mixed hedge along with planting instructions;
  2. a teaching resources pack (English / Gaelic) and
  3. posters  (English / Gaelic) in A2 and A3 detailing the recipe for Hedgerow Jelly.

Pam has made this particular jelly annually for more than 40 years, planting the hedge required to provide it wherever she and her husband have been living.  During this time, she has introduced many children to the biodiversity of the hedge and the process of making hedgerow jelly.

Schools wishing to be involved in the project hedge should contact crofting@woodlandtrust.org.uk


Click here to download a copy of the poster.

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